• nuts and bolts

    Nuts and Bolts


    T his volume provides both teachers and students of English as a Second/Foreign Language with the descriptive knowledge of the basic sentence structure of the English language before moving on to more advanced study. The reader is guided through each topic and examples in simple direct language style to make each concept as clear as possible….

  • In offerta! get realia

    Get Real(ia)


    Il volume è indirizzato a quanti vogliano o debbano, per interesse personale o ragioni di percorso universitario, avvicinarsi alla professione del traduttore. Il titolo del volume Get real(ia) rappresenta un invito sia a scoprire le professionalità che ruotano attorno alla figura del traduttore, facendo appunto un reality check di ciò che il mercato richiede, sia…

  • CLIL in progress


    Over the years, various types of experimental projects have been carried out in Italy at different levels of education. CLIL practices have moved from limited small-scale experiments to elaborated projects involving technology, materials design and the creation of CLIL networks. This volume is a collection of works by both language and content teachers at all…