Nuts and Bolts

Understanding made simple

T his volume provides both teachers and students of English as a Second/Foreign Language with the descriptive knowledge of the basic sentence structure of the English language before moving on to more advanced study. The reader is guided through each topic and examples in simple direct language style to make each concept as clear as possible. Raising awareness of the language structure as well as comparing it with other languages helps in activating cognitive skills in processing new information. Reflective type exercises are included to enable the reader to think about the theoretical language issue discussed. The book is a valuable aid as a course text or as practice with individual aspects of the language. Suggestions for further reading are also given.





Chapter 1
Word order

Chapter 2
Basic English sentence patterns

Chapter 3
Function words

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
The modals

Chapter 6
Verb tenses
I. The simple past tense and the present perfect tense
II. The simple present (habitual) tense and its uses
III. From time concept to tense

Chapter 7
Two and three-word verbs

Chapter 8
Verb classification – Restrictions on verbs

Chapter 9
Sentence patterns – Deep and surface structure

Chapter 10
The noun phrase
I. Prenominal modifiers
II. Postnominal modifiers
III. The article system

Chapter 11
Lexical ranges

Final note

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Serafina Filice
Serafina Filice
nuts and boltsNuts and Bolts