The impact of AI and ML systems in T&V

No automatic translation into new capabilities

There is very little doubt about the significant impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on just about every aspect of daily life. Discussion and concern about the implementation of AI in different job sectors have reached also the military domain.

AI and ML are overarching concepts that still today may create confusion. While AI highlights a capability of the algorithms to select, optimal or sub-optimal choices from a great space of possibilities, ML depicts the ability of algorithms to model systems by learning from the data these systems produce. Recent advances in deep-learning algorithms combined with an explosion in the amount of available data have paved the way for a wide variety of AI uses in the defence sector and consequently in the field of test and evaluation.

As their implementation is still in progress, benefits and risks are objects of discussion. In this paper both pros and cons will be investigated, underlying that the implementation of AI and ML systems does not translate automatically into new capabilities. The aim is to offer a complete overview in order to come up with solutions that may correct the vulnerable mechanisms.



The impact of AI and ML systems in T&V: no automatic translation into new capabilities
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The impact of AI and ML systems in T&V