Socioscapes – Vol. I

International Journal of Societies, Politics and Cultures

Socioscapes. International Journal of Societies, Politics and Cultures is mainly based on multiple considerations and interdisciplinary dialogues that would benefit from a specific structure, explained in what follows.

Each issue of the journal opens with an Editorial, summarising the content of the “Topics” section. The latter collects the contributions of the main section, selected via periodical call for papers. The Editorial also introduced the themes dealt with in the articles of the different sections. The section on “Topics” consists of three sub-sections: epistemological issues concerning the different approached employed to discuss the main theme of the issue; central topic; and keywords used to look at the central topic.

There follows a section including research, interventions, and works in progress welcoming contributions and reflections about the issues raised in the journal’s Aims and scopes”. The contributions included in the section titled theory and critical research all address possibilities for theory and research outside the mainstream, with particular emphasis on issues of social change.

The section conflicts, resistances, and voices focuses on personal accounts documenting the lived experience of subaltern subjects.

The subsequent sections feature reprints and represented: old and new classics, a series of keywords where international invited scholars are asked to discuss a specific theme, and reviews and portraits.



Cirus Rinaldi, Marco A. Pirrone

Editorial. Migration and migration studies in late neoliberal times
Marco A. Pirrone

Broken archives in a migrating modernity
Iain Chambers

De/coloniality and displacement:Ontological occupations and the aporiasof neoliberal mobility
Arturo Escobar

Genealogies of contention in concentric circles: Remote migration control and its Eurocentric geographical imaginaries
Maribel Casas-Cortés, Sebastian Cobarrubias

Online social media and the construction of sexual moral panic around migrants in Europe
Gaia Giuliani, Júlia Garraio, Sofia José Santos

Queering social research on Sexuality, Migration and Asylum through co-authoring with participants
Calogero Giametta, Joseph S. Akoro

Dissimulating & landscaping racism: sexuality, intersectionality, and neo-orientalism in French discourses
Fatima Khemilat

La vita al ghetto di Campobello di Mazara nonostante l’invisibilizzazione. la r-esistenza dei lavoratori e un’autonalisi militante collettiva
Martina Lo Cascio

Cuny reflections on Italian Americans and “otherness”
Anthony Julian Tamburri, John D. Calandra

Connettività e informazione globale. Il lato digitale dell’immigrazione
Giacomo Buoncompagni

Infrapolitiche visuali. Performance di genere nell’industria italiana dello spettacolo, tra segreta visualità e resistenza postfemminista
Francesca Martinez Tavaglia

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